Pray for Japan

Recently, I heard about Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. Yesterday, March 11st, 2011 an earthquake with 8.9 Richter Scale and continued with Tsunami destroyed Japan. It was very terrible disaster.

Tsunami swept East Japan region, and the big city like Tokyo is shattered. All of infrastructure such as Narita airport, nuclear power plant, high building, and hundreds of houses is crushed by earthquake and tsunami.

It was second terrible tsunami that I have seen in my live after Tsunami in Aceh at 2004 that made more less 200.000 people died. And make Indonesia suffer a financial loss millions dollar because of the damage after Tsunami.

Until the latest news that I heard about it (March 12,2011), amount of victims is unknown. But, Japanese government estimates about thousands people died.

For Indonesians, if you has a friends or family there. You can call these number below :

- Situation Room Ministry of Foreign Affairs RI | +62 21 351 0409
- Directorate of PWNI and BHI | +62 899 8449342
- Directorate of East Asia and Pasific |+62 821 2446 9694
(src : Ministry of Foreign Affairs RI)

And for the readers who know how to make a donations for Japan, please give and share it to us.


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